Albert Wesker is an antagonist in both the original and reboot Nintendo World series. 

Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker
Wesker's Title Card from the reboot series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 4 in the Original - Episode 2 of the Reboot Series.
Affiliation GameOver's Organization
Voice Actor Vincent Szachury (Reboot Episodes 2-6)

Nicholas Redding (Reboot Episode 7+)

Current Status Alive in both series

Original seriesEdit

In the first season, Wesker was dispatch by GameOver get inside of the Nintendo Base to get information about it's security. He is captured by Mario, but eventually escapes.

Wesker isn't seen again until season 2 where he breaks into the Umbrella Labs and steals the T-Virus. He pours the T-Virus on Olimar's grave to bring him back as a zombie to start the zombie outbreak.

Wesker does not appear in Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil.

In the original season 3, Wesker helps Mario battle against General ROM. However, ROM is able to bribe Wesker into helping him set up a trap for Mario. Once Mario finds out about this deception, he kills Wesker by throwing him off a bridge.

Wesker does not appear in the remake of season 3.

Reboot SeriesEdit

In the reboot series, Wesker plays a much greater role than in the original. He is shown to be working for GameOver right off the bat. He's been assisting GameOver on his quest to summon Corona in exchange for GameOver getting revenge on Capcom for killing off Wesker in Resident Evil 5.

It's revealed that Wesker does not like GameOver and is very aware that GameOver plans to double cross him, Ocelot, and Riku. In response to this, he forms and alliance with Riku with plans to kill GameOver and take his place. After Ocelot is arrested, Wesker is appointed new general of Sony Army.

In episode 9, Wesker takes the Sony Army to GameOver's lair and explains his plan to kill GameOver and take his place as "the one who conquered Nintendo World." Wesker kills GameOver, but is quickly caught off guard when another GameOver arrives. Confused by the situation, Wesker does not notice several more GameOver copies appear and surround him.

Vince Szachury reprises his role as Wesker from The Chronicles of Wesker for episodes 2-6. After episode 6, Szachury left the show and was replaced by Nicholas Redding. Redding will continue to voice Wesker for the remainder of The Corona Saga .

Trivia Edit

  • In the original series, the model used for Wesker was the same for Parody Wesker from The Chronicles of Wesker.
  • The texture for Wesker in the reboot is the same one Tyler Redick and Vince Szachury made for the sole purpose of The Chronicles of Wesker Movie.