The "Zombie Ped" that represents Beavis in most of his appearances.

Beavis was a recurring character in the Hip With Today original machinima universe. He is based off of the character of the same name from Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead. In all of his appearances he is voiced by Tyler Redick.

Beginning Edit

Beavis made his first appearance as an announcer for one of Redick's GTA: San Andreas myth videos. The idea to include the character came from one of Redick's friends when they discovered Redick could decently impersonate the character.

Beavis would then become the main antagonist of the (Chain)SAW film series and become a supporting character in The Hunt for Revenge series.

During the credits of a machinima that featured the character, they would normally say "Beavis voiced by Himself" followed by "Himself voiced by Tyler Redick."

There have been characters that use the voice of Beavis, but are called a different name. In the credits of these machinimas, it would normally say "Character voiced by Beavis" followed by "Beavis voiced by Tyler Redick."

Appearance Edit

Beavis is usually played by the same ped model in all of his appearances except for roles where the voice is used to not represent the actual character. The model used is the "Zombie Ped" from San Andreas and was chosen because it looked "the most stupid."

In The Chronicles of Wesker and The Evil Alliance, there is a re-textured Zombie Ped made to look like the actual character from Mike Judge's show. The model is the same as the other appearances, but different skin. In The Evil Alliance, this texture is named "Toon Beavis."

Roles in Machinima Edit

Beavis has appeared in many of the classic Hip With Today machinima films and series.

  • (Chain)SAW - as the main antagonist.
  • The Hunt for Revenge - as a supporting character.
  • The Chronicles of Wesker - as a psychopath.
  • Black Hydra - as a supporting character.
  • Beavis and the Undead - as the main protagonist.
  • The Evil Alliance - appearing as three of his incarnations: The killer from (Chain)SAW, the helper from Black Hydra, and the psycho from The Chronicles of Wesker.
  • Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil - cameo
  • The Rise of Demons - voice is used for a character.

Retirement Edit

After Redick started making machinima again in 2014, he mentioned that the character would not be returning as he wants to avoid copyright. "I'll still use the voice, but the character's name will be changed."

When Redick announced a remake of (Chain)SAW, he commented that the character's personality will be the same, but he will change the name to something else.