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Black Hydra was a short GTA: San Andreas machinima released in 2007 and removed in 2008.

Plot Edit

The story followed CIA agent Steve and his group of companions: Mr. Bill, Ben Ross, and Beavis.

Their goal was to protect the CIA's special weapon the Black Hydra, a jet with nuclear capabilities, from falling into the hands of terrorists. It is revealed that Ben Ross is actually the head of the terrorist group and he successfully steals the Black Hydra. He begins to destroy the town before he is shot out of the air by Steve - killing Ross and destroying the Black Hydra.

Reception Edit

The series met with negative reviews, which led to it's removal. Since then, fans have been requesting a remake of the series with better filming and acting.

Remake Edit

Tyler Redick has expressed interest in a remake, but there has been no confirmation.

Trivia Edit

  • Ben Ross' name comes from the book The Wave.