Grand Theft Auto Z
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Created by Tyler Redick
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 4
Run Time December 2010 - March 2011
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Genre Action, Adventure
Grand Theft Auto Z, abbreviated as GTAZ, was a San Andreas machinima that ran for only four episodes before being cancelled.

Plot Edit

The series took place in San Andreas and the Grand Theft Auto universe. Seven orbs randomly fell from the sky one night which had the ability to grant mystical powers to the ones who held them. Prior to the series taking place, Professor Taylor used the orbs on his unborn son Saphron to give him powers form birth. Upon Saphron's realization that he is just an experiment, he kills Taylor and goes into hiding.

The series revolves around Haynes Marcus and Areo Speed, two friends who need money so they sign up to participate in an experiment with the orbs. They gain inhuman powers and go out into San Andreas to test them. While they are gone, Saphron appears to collect the orbs and destroys the lab, causing the orbs to scatter across San Andreas.

Haynes and Areo must then team up with Max Vickers, a man with a gun as an arm, to search for the orbs and find them before Saphron or The Guild of Live-Wire, an assassin group that wants the orbs for themselves.

Production Edit

The series ran for only four episodes before it was cancelled. It was supposed to be Tyler Redick's new series to replace Nintendo World, but it was cancelled due to Redick's difficulty with the fight scenes. Redick has expressed multiple times that he would like to revive the series at some point, "I have every episode written out and I think I've put more time into character development into this series than I have any other."

GTAZ is the second most requested remake behind (Chain)SAW and Redick commented that he may remake the series, "While I did like the original series, I can do so much more now. I think it would be cool to go back and re-do some of the fight scenes to make them seem like actual Dragon Ball Z fights."

Trivia Edit

  • The character Haynes Marcus comes from Mark Haynes, creator of Super Mario Brothers Z and is one of Redick's biggest inspirations.
  • The character Areo Speed comes from the band R.E.O. Speedwagon.
  • Redick mentioned that much of the inspiration for the series did not come from Dragonball Z, but rather Final Fantasy 7 and The Venture Bros.
  • This series contains more Mountain Dew references than any other film or series by Redick.
    • References include: The Guild of Live-Wire (Mountain Dew Live-Wire), Dynamic Energy Wizards (D.E.W), The leader of The Guild of Live-Wire is the M.D.C.R (Mountain Dew Code Red), and minions of the guild are called Cans (referring to pop cans).