Luigi is a central character and deuteragonist of Nintendo World series. 

Luigi as he appears in the original series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 1 in both the original and reboot series.
Affiliation Nintendo
Voice Actor Vincent Szachury (Reboot episodes 2-6)

Chris Von Fahnestock (Reboot episode 7+)

Current Status Deceased - Original series

Alive - Reboot series

Original Series Edit

Like Mario, this version of Luigi uses fowl language, guns, and isn't afraid to kill. Luigi's model for the original series was a simple re-texture of the Mario model.

Luigi's role in the original series is small compared to other characters. He always accompanies Mario on missions and is very rarely seen without him. When Mario is missing, Luigi takes up the mantel and goes on his own missions to save Donkey Kong and sabotage Sony. However, once Mario returns, he once again goes back to being a shadow.

In season 2, Luigi's role is greatly expanded. Not only does he accompany Mario, but he also comes up with plans and is shown to be more outspoken. During the final assault of season 2, Luigi operates a UFO and plants a bomb on the Sony Base once Snake disarms the shields.

Luigi has a very little role in Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil and is only seen accompanying Mario.

In the original season 3, Luigi is the one who discovers that Negative Mario is the one attacking people, not the real Mario.

Luigi's role in the season 3 remake was diminished from his role in season 2. He has little dialogue and is shown to be cowardly, more like his video game counterpart. In Episode 5, Luigi is kidnapped by GameOver. In Episode 6, Mario finds Luigi strapped to bombs at the mercy of GameOver. GameOver admits he only wants revenge on Mario and detonates the bombs, killing Luigi.

Reboot Series Edit


Luigi as he appears in the Reboot series.

In the Nintendo World reboot, Luigi (along with Mario) is described as one of "Nintendo's greatest warriors." This version of Luigi does not use guns, fowl language, or kill. Instead, this version of Luigi acts almost exactly like his video game counterpart; he is cowardly, but brave when he needs to be, clumsy, and serves as some comic relief. A more accruate model for Luigi was used for the reboot, but like the Mario model, it has issues with certain animations.

He is voiced by Vincent Szachury in episodes 2-6. After episode 6, Szachury left the show and was replaced by Chris von Fahnestock. Von Fahnestock will voice Luigi for the remainder of The Corona Saga. Redick and Von Fahnestock are currently negotating to have him voice the character for the remainder of the series.