Marsha is a fictional character from the Chronicles of Wesker series. She is based off of Tyler Redick's real Aunt Marsha.

In Chronicles of Wesker Edit

Marsha appears in the Chronicles of Wesker Movie as a random person Parody Wesker must battle against. She keeps appearing randomly throughout the film to terrorize Parody Wesker. During the film's climax, it is revealed that she was a special Tyrant created by Real Wesker in order to destroy Chris. Marsha is supposedly killed by Chris and Wesker.

Marsha returns in The Chronicles of Wesker: Rebirth near the end of the film and is shown to have Wesker's quantum leaping ability. This version of Marsha is shown to be much more powerful, but her time is cut short when Link appears from the sky and cuts her in half.

Marsha appeared in the cancelled series The Story of Wesker as a recurring villain that would terrorize both Leon and Parody Wesker. After the series was cancelled, this concept was adapted to fit into the first film.

Trivia Edit

  • All of Marsha's quotes are taken from the real Marsha when Redick secretly recorded her.
  • Marsha is known for her signature laugh, which is how the real Marsha laughs.
  • Whenever Marsha is fought against, the song that plays is "Flower" by Moby.