There are several motifs that appear in many of Tyler Redick's work. They are often hidden and meant to be Easter Eggs for the audience to find.

2311 Edit

2311 is Redick's signature number. Though he has confirmed it has meaning, he continues to leave it a mystery to his fans.

Hashtag - the number of retweets the "#RIPFalcoGiovanni" trend has.

Insanity - a tattoo on the character's knuckles.

Nintendo World Original Series - the number of boxes Luigi must destroy. Also appears as a pass-code.

Mountain Dew Edit

Redick has mentioned several times he has an obsession with the Pepsi Co. soft drink Mountain Dew. References to this drink can be found in many of his works.

Nintendo World Original Series - Luigi must destroy cans of "MDCR" which stands for "Mountain Dew Code Red."

Insanity - the Chinese tattoo on the character translates to "Dew."

Hashtag - one of the Twitter accounts is "Leland, King of Dew."

Wesker's Search For Skillz - Wesker goes to the store to buy Mountain Dew.

Grand Theft Auto Z - the energy company, Dynamic Energy Wizards, is abbreviated as "D.E.W," the evil guild is called "Live-Wire," the leader of the guild is "MDCR," and minions of the guild are called "cans."

Out of Order - the janitor drinks a can of Mountain Dew while sitting outside.

Mr. Pigagi - Redick is wearing a Mountain Dew shirt.

Steve Edit

"Steve" is a name given to at least one character in many of Redick's works, though most of said works were removed from YouTube.

Hashtag - Steve is Danielle's partner in the third story.

Rise of the Demons - one of Jack's friends.

The Wolfped - one of the stoners that gets killed.

(Chain)SAW - several of Beavis' victims were named Steve.

The Chronicles of Wesker - Steve was a psychopath that Parody Wesker had to kill.

Black Hydra - Steve was the main character.

The Kick of Destiny - Steve is one of Harvey Bale's henchmen.

Beavis Edit

Beavis was a character that appeared in many of Redick's early works. More information can be found on the Beavis page.