Mr. Bill
Mr. Bill in the remake.
First Episode Appearance The Hunt for Revenge: Part 1
Affiliation Independent, anti-Sasquatch.
Voice Actor Josh Buzbee
Current Status Deceased

Garrett "Mr. Bill" Williams is a major character in The Hunt for Revenge.

Original SeriesEdit

In the original series, Mr. Bill is supposedly a random stranger that calls CJ to inform him of the location of the Sasquatch. Upon actually meeting Mr. Bill, he tells CJ that he is actually his godfather and wants CJ's help to kill the Sasquatch. Mr. Bill also wants revenge against the Sasquatch because it killed his brother when they were children. He gives CJ weapons and evidence of the Sasquatch to track his position.

In the second part of the series, Mr. Bill helps CJ battle the Sasquatch and recruits Beavis when Sasquatch threatens to blow up the dam to flood the city.

In the last part of the series, Mr. Bill obtains a DNA tracker and discovers that the blood of his brother and CJ's parents are no where near Sasquatch's territory, but instead on the top of the local mountain. He sends CJ to mountain to investigate and with CJ gone, the Yeti attacks Mr. Bill and kills him.

Remake Edit

In the remake of The Hunt for Revenge, Mr. Bill bails CJ out of jail with the promise of being able to avenge his parents. He then confesses that he is CJ's godfather and loads CJ up with weapons.


Mr. Bill appears in the live-action recreation of The Hunt for Revenge played by Tyler Redick's grandfather, Albert Tate.