Mr. Game&Watch
Mr. Game&Watch's Title Card from the Reboot Series.
First Episode Appearance Original Series: Cancelled Season 3 - Episode 2

Reboot Series: Episode 1

Affiliation Nintendo
Voice Actor Tyler Redick


Current Status Alive - Both series.

Mr. Game&Watch is a supporting character in the Nintendo World reboot and minor (non-canonical) character in the original series

Original Series Edit

Mr. Game&Watch appears only in the cancelled season 3. He is attacked by Mario clones and flees to the base in order to get help. Upon realizing that General ROM is terrorizing Nintendo World, he joins with Mario in order to put an end to ROM. He is shown to be good friends with Leon and the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.

Mr. Game&Watch was going to appear in the cancelled movie Nintendo World: The Final Battle.

Reboot Series Edit

Mr. Game&Watch's role in the reboot series is much greater than it was in the original. He appears in the first episode and is shown to be second in command to Pacman. He is shown to be logical and tries to keep Pacman calm in tough situations. He is voiced by Tyler Redick.

Mr. Game&Watch is revealed to be the one who helped Master Chief seal Corona in Nintendo World. He admits he did it to save Nintendo World, as Master Chief threatened war if Game&Watch did not help. Mr. Game&Watch constantly feels guilt as Corona continues to rampage across Nintendo World.

When Corona attacks the Nintendo Base, Game&Watch lies to E.Gadd in order to obtain the Six Barrel Laser Cannon. He uses it on Corona, but Corona remains unharmed (same as Olimar from the original series). Corona then knocks Game&Watch out of the sky which severely injures him. He is last seen sleeping in the infirmary.

Mr. Game&Watch has a catchphrase that caught on with the release of Episode 3. The phase is "That's just disturbing" and is usually uttered by Game&Watch after witnessing something odd or hearing bad news.