Olimar on Corona Mountain.
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Series Nintendo World
Run Time 6:56
Writer Tyler Redick

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The first episode of Nintendo World, it introduces the setting, aswell as the major characters and protagionists of the story.


Captain Olimar (misspelled 'Olmar' throughout the whole original series) patrols around Mount Corona and encounters Piggsy. Due to damage to his helicopter, Olimar crashes into the mountainside and explodes; fortunately he had an extra life and was able to be saved by Mario and Luigi. Mario, Luigi and Olimar then head out to a cabin on Corona to kill Piggsy. The gang heads back to Nintendo HQ and gets a debriefing from General Pacman - Sonys are going to erupt Corona, unleashing lava everywhere in Nintendo. Sony plans to destroy a powerplant to cause disruption, but Mario and Luigi get there right on time to stop Big Smoke, a sony, from causing destruction. They kill Big Smoke and the video ends abruptly.


ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep

ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep.1)