The Chilliad Eruption [sic]
The first appearance of Corona, however, he isn't introduced until a later episode.
Season 1
Episode Number 2
Series Nintendo World
Run Time 5 minutes
Writer Tyler Redick

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The Chilliad Eruption is the second episode of Nintendo World. It introduces the most pivotal story elements, including GameOver and Mount Corona (then called Chiliad, after the ingame mountain of San Andreas.)


The episode begins with GameOver, called "Unknown" as he has yet to be introduced, and he is debriefing Piggsy, Adam the Clown and Freddy Krueger about his plan to destroy Nintendo. He goes on to explain Corona and how he can be used as a tool to destroy Nintendo World.

It cuts to a scene in the Nintendo Base, were PacmanMario, and Luigi are doing basic security tasks. Olimar interupts them by screaming about how his Pikmen were killed. Pacman asks where Olimar lives, and he replies the Mount Chiliad Security Tower, and that Sony is trying to be undetected on the radar. Mario and Luigi head out to Back o' Beyond in order to sneak up on Sony. On the way there, they meet Donkey Kong. Mario and DK exchange in some conversation, but it goes awry as DK remembers getting beaten by Mario in the game Donkey Kong. DK looses his temper and attacks Mario. However, Mario has a tranquilizer gun and hits Kong in the chest, which knocks him out.

The episode ends with Adam the Clown talking to himself about the Mountain erupting in 3 hours.


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ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep.2)