Corona Unleashed
Corona is summoned.
Season 1
Episode Number 3
Series Nintendo World
Run Time 5:53
Writer Tyler Redick

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Corona Unleashed is the third episode of the original Nintendo World series. It wraps up the "introduction" period, finally giving the most important plot piece of the first season - Corona.


GameOver and Piggsy can be seen at the summit of Corona Mountain discussing their plans after releasing the demon. At the end of their conservation, GameOver's titlecard is introduced. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi arrive at the radio station.  They encounter Adam the Clown, who was guarding the area. While questioning him, Adam admits to killing Olimar's pikmin, and causes Mario to attack. Mario and Luigi are incepacitated and Adam is about to finish them off, but Donkey Kong comes just in time to take out Adam. It cuts to the Nintendo Base, where Olimar and Pacman are having an argument. Pacman leaves the control room, Olimar escapes the base. The general discovers that the Laser Cannon has gone missing, and he believes that Olimar has it. Mario, Luigi and DK make their way up Corona Mountain, only to find a cabin. Freddy Kruger exits the cabin and fights the group. Freddy jumps off the mountain and is presumed dead. The group goes to the cabin to rest. On the summit, GameOver finally unleashes Corona. They are stopped by Olimar, who engages Corona. The demon takes little damage, and stabs Olimar, killing him. The episode then ends.


  • Currently, the title of this episode is the only one to transfer over to the reboot series.


ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep

ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep.3)