Corona's Wrath
Mario and Wesker Fight
Season 1
Episode Number 4
Series Nintendo World
Run Time 7:43
Writer Tyler Redick

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Corona's Wrath is the 4th episode of the first season of the original Nintendo World. Although the title of the episode refers to Corona, a majority of the episode focuses on Albert Wesker and fleshing out his character. It is widely regarded as one of the funniest episodes of the series by fans.


The episode begins in black in white with the events that happened in the previous episode, resulting in the death of OlimarMarioLuigi, and Donkey Kong can be seen walking up the mountain with Pacman briefing them about Olimar. When the group reaches the summit, they find the corpse of Olimar and begin to grieve. Rather than stay on the mountain top, the team decides to head back to the Nintendo Base. Pacman and the other Nintendos mourn over the death of Olimar, but they still don't know who is behind it. DK suggests that it was Corona, and begins to tell the other Nintendos about him...

Meanwhile, Wesker is seen outside the base, planting explosives on defensive structures and spying on the Nintendos. He breaches into the base, triggering the alarm. Wesker and some guards have some minor skirmeshes, but manages to run away each time. After an ecounter with Mario, Wesker is incipacitated and taken to Pacman in order to be interrogated. After discussing with Pacman and being let loose, Wesker immediately runs outside and continues his destruction. Mario confronts Wesker and they begin to fight, however, Wesker uses the JUMPJET cheat code from San Andreas to summon an airplane and escape. Mario heads inside only to discover that Pacman, Luigi and DK are planning something. GameOver, the Sony leader, was spotted in Nintendo World, and they are planning on assassinating him. The episode then ends.


ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep

ORIGINAL Nintendo World (Ep.4)