Nintendo World: The Final Battle
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Poster created before the film's cancellation.
Created by Tyler Redick
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Nintendo World: The Final Battle is a cancelled sequel to Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil. It was going to be the concluding story of the series. 

Overview Edit

The film was to take place after the events of the original season 3 of the original series. During the events of the original season 3, Dylan is killed by General ROM. Vince and Tyler mention that his girlfriend cannot take another heart break. At the end of The Land of Turmoil, Snake reveals that E.Gadd created a bomb filled with Phoenix Down to revive Nintendo World.

The plot of The Final Battle is that after that bomb went off, it revived Wesley Brisentine and Reno Redchury. Wesley would kill Reno and take over the bomb-omb factory. Meanwhile, Dylan's girlfriend Ashley would be so upset over his death that she decides to go into Nintendo World to see why the men she loves always die there.

It is revealed that her and Wesley were a couple and that Wesley came to Nintendo World when Vince and Tyler first discovered the portal. Wesley, like Vince and Tyler, had to give something up in order to come to Nintendo World. Not thinking it would be serious, Wesley gave up his sanity. Wesley ran off into Nintendo World and befriended Corruption. Thinking Wesley is dead, Tyler and Vince returned to the real world and informed Ashley that he had died.

When Ashley arrives in Nintendo World, she would be kidnapped by Wesley who would hold her hostage. Unlike previous installments of the series, Wesley's goal does not affect Nintendo World. Instead, it is a personal conflict between Wesley, Tyler, and Vince that the Mario brothers decide to help with.

The film would end with Ashley being saved, Wesley killed, and Vince and Tyler returning to the real world and sealing the portal forever.

Progress and Cancellation Edit

The film made it to the production phase before being cancelled. A full script was written, posters made, and even a trailer was released on YouTube for a few weeks. However, with the cancellation of the original season 3 came the cancellation of this film.