Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil
The Land of Turmoil
Logo for the film.
Created by TR Films
Run Time Aprox. 28 minutes
Parts 4
Genre Action - Comedy

Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil is a short film in the Nintendo World series. The film takes place between Seasons 2 and 3 of the original series. It features the return of GameOver/Corruption's evil incarnate, Trojan, and his conquest of Nintendo World.

Plot Edit

The film opens with a flashback showing GameOver's escape from Big Shell. In the present, Mario and Luigi have become plumbers again since GameOver was defeated and there is no need to be military men. They return to the Nintendo Base to find Tyler, Vince, and Dylan have returned for a casual visit. The visit is cut short when Trojan shows up to warn them he planted a nuke in Nintendo World. Trojan escapes and Mario, Luigi, Snake, Tyler, Vince, and Dylan fly to Corona Mountain to avoid the explosion. With Nintendo World officially destroyed, Mario proclaims that it has become Trojan's world, The Land of Turmoil.

Meanwhile, survivors of the blast head to the Bob-omb Factory owned by Reno Redchury, the apprentice of GameOver. Reno brings Trojan to the factory, thinking that he will be the same as GameOver. Reno's partner, Wesley Brisentine, knows Trojan is different and plans to double-cross Reno to gain control of the factory. Trojan makes a deal with Wesley to kill Mario in exchange for power to defeat Reno. Wesley agrees and attacks Mario, only to fail. Mario then sends Tyler and Vince to look around. They find the Bob-omb Factory and are attacked by Reno.

Professor E.Gadd wakes up on top the factory, having been kidnapped by Trojan, and is forced to create a virus that will kill all remaining survivors in Nintendo World. E.Gadd complies and gives Trojan the virus. Trojan then attacks the survivors in a massive ship, but his ship malfuctions and crashes. Mario and the gang then go to the Bob-omb Factory and rescue E.Gadd who reveals he rigged the virus to destroy Trojan's machine. Reno then becomes aware of Wesley and Trojan's double-cross and sets the Bob-omb Factory to self-destruct. Reno stops Wesley from leaving and holds him down while the factory explodes - killing them both.

Mario and the gang go to the top of Corona Mountain to confront Trojan. Trojan then unleashes his true power by transforming into a giant monster called Giga-Trojan. After a long battle, Giga-Trojan is supposedly defeated, but quickly regains full strength. Mario then uses the same power Trojan did to transform himself into Super Mario. Using these new found powers, he obliterates Giga-Trojan.

The last scene of the film reveals that after Giga-Trojan's defeat, E.Gadd created a massive bomb full of Phoenix Down and was able to detonate it, thus reviving all of Nintendo.

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