Captain Olimar (misspelled Olmar in the original series) is a supporting character in Nintendo World

Captain Olimar
Olimar shit
Olimar's Title Card from the reboot series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 1 in both the Original and Reboot series.
Affiliation Nintendo
Voice Actor Tyler Redick (Reboot)
Current Status Deceased - Original series

Deceased - Reboot series

Original Series Edit

In the original series, Captain Olimar's name was misspelled "Olmar." His role in the original series was very small and was confirmed to be partly because of his name misspelling.

He is first seen circling Corona Mountain where he encounters Piggsy. Olimar accidentally blows up his own helicopter and crashes, but is saved by Luigi. He then spends the remainder of the episodes assisting Mario and Luigi.

In episode 3 of the original series it is revealed that Adam the Clown killed Olimar's Pikmin. This causes Olimar to lose his temper and go after Corona. Olimar uses the Six Barrel Laser Cannon on Corona, but it fails to kill him. Corona then impales Olimar and kills him.

Olimar isn't seen again until season 2 when Wesker pours the T-Virus on his grave so that Olimar will revive as a zombie and cause an outbreak; as part of Corruption's plan. Zombie Olimar attacks the Nintendo Base where Mario and Luigi are forced to kill him again.

Reboot series Edit

In the Nintendo World reboot, Olimar is once again shown to be circling Corona Mountain. He encounters Piggsy, but has his weapon disarmed by GameOver. Olimar then runs to his helicopter, but Piggsy damages the back rotors, causing it to crash. Olimar escapes via parachute. He is later shown to be in command of Nintendo platoons. He makes many minor appearences in the series. In Episode 9 of the reboot, Corona attacks the Nintendo Base and Olimar sacrificies himself to save Mario, resulting in his death. He is voiced by Tyler Redick.

Trivia Edit

  • Olimar is the first character to appear in the original series, but the third to appear in the remake.
  • Olimar's death was planned since the creation of the series, but the time of his death was rushed due the misspelling of his name.
  • Olimar is the only character besides Pacman and Professor E.Gadd that uses a default ped from GTA:SA. This is due to the fact that an Olimar mod does not exist.
  • Besides Pacman, Link, E.Gadd, and Mr.Game&Watch, Olimar is one of the few characters that does not have a new model or texture in the reboot series.