Piggsy is an antagonist from the Nintendo World series in both the original and reboot .

Piggsy's Title Card from the Reboot Series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 1 in both the original and reboot
Affiliation GameOver's Organization
Voice Actor Soundbites
Current Status Deceased - Original Alive - Reboot

Original SeriesEdit

In the original series, Piggsy only appears in the first season. He is shown to be one of GameOver 's minons. He attacks Olimar on the top of Corona Mountain and almost kills him. Pacman sends Mario and Luigi to find Piggsy where they supposedly kill him.

Piggsy is shown to be alive and still following orders from GameOver. He is sent to kill Pacman, but Pacman is able to best Piggsy and kills him.

Reboot SeriesEdit

Piggsy's role in the reboot series is the exact same as the original. He is one of GameOver's minions and was used to set a trap for Olimar in order to warn Pacman of his presence. Piggsy remains on Corona Mountain until Mario and Luigi battle him. Mario hits Piggsy with a homerun bat and sends Piggsy flying. It is implied that he will return.