Reno Redchury
Reno Redchury
Reno Redchury in Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil
First Episode Appearance Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil
Affiliation Sony
Voice Actor -
Current Status Deceased

Reno Redchury is an original character from Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil.  He was the apprentice of GameOver before the events of Nintendo World.

Background Edit

During his young life, Reno's parents worked at Big Shell, the power plant in Nintendo (it is unknown if his parents know about GameOver). Reno watches Big Shell explode from a distance and is informed that his parents were killed. The newly orphaned Reno finds GameOver on a beach and, unaware he is the cause of his parent's deaths, befriends him. GameOver then takes Reno under his wing.

In Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil Edit

In the movie, Reno is shown to have become the owner of the a Bob-omb factory in Nintendo World. He and Wesley Brisentine work together to run the factory until Trojan appears. Reno, knowing Trojan is a GameOver incarnation, trusts him instantly and confesses to Wesley that he was GameOver's appretice. Knowing that Reno wants to finish what GameOver started, Trojan makes plans to pin Wesley and Reno against each other, which ultimatly works. Reno and Wesley confront each other and Reno sacrafices himself in order to kill Wesley by self-destructing the factor with both of them inside of it.

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