Revolver Ocelot is an antagonist in the Nintendo World Reboot.

Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot
Ocelot's Title Card from the reboot series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 2 of the Reboot Series.
Affiliation GameOver's Organization
Voice Actor Vincent Szachury (Reboot Episodes 2-6)

Tyler Redick (Reboot Episode 7)

Current Status Alive

Role in the SeriesEdit

Ocelot was the General of Sony's armies, but joined GameOver's plot to release Corona. He is the most important figure in the unauthorised attacks on Nintendo World.

Ocelot, alongside Riku and Albert Wesker, work with GameOver and help him in his plan to free Corona from the mountain. While Wesker and Riku kidnap Chuck Greene so GameOver can sacrifice him, Ocelot turns himself into Pacman as a distraction.

Like Riku and Wesker, GameOver promised Ocelot a reward for helping him. It is implied in Episode 6 that GameOver was supposed to capture Solid Snake for Ocelot.

In Episode 7, the Sony Army becomes aware that their attacks on Nintendo World have not been officially authorized by the Sony Leader. Jak, along with Cloud and Crash Bandicoot, arrest Ocelot for treason.

He is replaced by Wesker as the title of Sony general. Due to his carelessness and being captured, GameOver ordered him to be killed and sent Riku to assassinate him.

Later Riku revealed to Sora that he didn't kill Ocelot, he has instead teleport him into an unknown location

He is voiced by Vincent Szachury in episodes 2-6. After episode 6, Szachury left the show. Tyler Redick voices him for episode 7. Szachury returned to the show for episode 10 and will continue to voice Ocelot throughout the series.

Trivia Edit

  • Ocelot was supposed to have a much larger role, eventually betraying both GameOver and Wesker for his own purposes which would lead into him being an antagonist of Saga 2. After Szachury left the show and a suitable replacement could not be found, Ocelot was simply written out of the script.