Riku is an antagonist in the Nintendo World reboot. He is voiced by Brennan Lowery.

Riku's Title Card from the reboot series.
First Episode Appearance Episode 2 of the reboot.
Affiliation GameOver's Organization
Voice Actor Brennan Lowery (Reboot)
Current Status Presumably Deceased

Role in the SeriesEdit

Riku, along with Wesker and Ocelot, work for GameOver. GameOver promised Riku his own game in exchange for his services. Riku, unlike Wesker and Ocelot, does not want anyone to get hurt and resents GameOver for killing Chuck Greene.

Wesker recruits Riku when he decides to betray GameOver. Riku agrees because Wesker promised not to hurt anyone. After Ocelot is arrested, GameOver sends Riku to kill him. Against his better judgement, Riku does so.

Upon realizing Riku killed Ocelot, Wesker goes back on his word to not hurt anyone and Riku runs off.

GameOver admits to Riku that he is "useless" and that the only reason he is still alive is because GameOver needs him to create portals so they can easily warp their way around Nintendo World.

Sora arrives and finds Riku is conflicted with what he wants. Riku admits he didn't kill Ocelot, but instead transported him to and island far away. Sora convinces Riku that he's still a good person and Riku agrees to help Nintendo World. Using the Keyblades, Riku, Mario, and Master Chief are able to open a portal between the Game Worlds and the Over World. It begins to absorb everything, but Corona puts up resistance.

Realizing the portal can only be opened with the three Keyblades, Riku decides to sacrifice himself to get Corona into the portal along with his keyblade, ensuring that the portal could never be opened again and Corona could never be freed. Sora mentions that "Riku does this thing all the time, he'll turn up eventually" but it is more than likely that Riku is forever trapped between the two worlds with Corona.