The Six Barrel Laser Cannon is a powerful super-weapon created by Professor E.Gadd. It is a handheld launcher that shoots enough energy between it's six barrels to destroy an entire Game World. It appears in both the original and reboot of Nintendo World. While it supposedly utilises lasers, it actually fires a series of six rockets in unison or one at a time. The Six Barrel Laser Cannon is similar to GameOver's Rocket Crossbow.

Original Series Edit


Olimar with the Six Barrel Laser Cannon, moments before his death.

Misspelled as "Barrle," the cannon appears in episode 3. Captain Olimar uses it on Corona and when it fails to kill him, Corona kills Olimar. It does not appear again until the end of the first season where Corruption uses it as a weapon to battle Mario. After the fight, the cannon goes missing.

The cannon is mentioned in the original season 3 by General R.O.M. who uses the powercell in it to create a massive bomb to destroy Nintendo World.

Reboot Series Edit

GW6BLC (1)

Mr. Game&Watch with the Six Barrel Laser Cannon.

The cannon is first mentioned by E.Gadd in episode 5, but does not appear physically until episode 9. Mr. Game&Watch uses it on Corona (similar to how Olimar did in the original series), but the blast does not phase him. Corona knocks Game&Watch out of the sky with the cannon and it's unknown what happened to it afterwards.

Appearance Edit

The Six Barrel Laser Cannon is a six barrel missile launcher. In the original series, it uses the default texture of the mod, but is implied to shoot lasers. This texture features a camo casing and red/yellow missiles.

In the reboot, the camo casing is replaced by a metallic one and the missiles are re-textured to be blue and silver. The missiles act as receptors for the lasers, as seen in the animation of it firing. There is also a "Power Meter" on the back, though this is not seen directly.

Trivia Edit

  • The Six Barrel Laser Cannon is based off of the MechaSonic vs. Axem Rangers battle in Super Mario Bros Z where the Red Ranger uses a "seven barrel laser cannon" on MechaSonic, though it does not harm him.