Solid Snake is a supporting character in the original Nintendo World series. 

Solid Snake
Snake's first appearance in the original series.
First Episode Appearance Season 2 - Episode 2 in the original series.
Affiliation Nintendo
Voice Actor -
Current Status Alive - Original series.

Original Series Edit

Snake doesn't appear until season 2 of the original series. He replaces Pacman as the Nintendo Leader and becomes the "go-to" guy for Mario and Luigi. He often stays in the command room and sends orders out via codec. Snake vanishes half-way through the second season, and is absent throughout most of the season, but returns with a plan to defeat Corruption. During the final assault, Snake lands on the Sony Base and destroys it's shields so Luigi can bomb it.

In Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil, Snake tries to keep Mario calm after the destruction of Nintendo World. During the battle against Giga-Trojan, Snake summons a tank and uses it to attack, but it is not enough. When Mario chooses to battle Giga-Trojan alone, Snake uses the tank as a shelter for everyone so they are not harmed during the battle.

In the original season 3, Snake explains that the reason he left in season 2 was to become the new Sony Leader after the fall of GameOver (though the original season 3 is not canon, therefore it is unexplained why Snake vanished). He appoints Mario the new Nintendo Leader and goes into Sony World. He returns after General ROM takes over the Nintendo Base to help Mario battle ROM's army. This is short lived as Snake sacrifices himself in order to save Mario.

In the remake of season 3, Snake remains as the Nintendo leader. He stays in the command room and sends out orders. He starts to question everything that happens and quickly figures out why. He also found that Continue exists within the Game Worlds.

Reboot Series Edit

Though Redick has not commented on it yet, it is implied Snake will be in the reboot seeing as how his arch-enemy Ocelot is one of the villains.

Trivia Edit

  • Snake's death in the original season 3 is considered the best, most dramatic, moment in the whole series.
  • When Snake first arrives, Mario mentions that his name is David.