Sonic The Hedgehog is a supporting character in the Nintendo World series.

Sonic The Hegdehog
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic's Title Card from the Reboot Series.
First Episode Appearance Season 2, Episode 4 - Original series

Episode 2 - Reboot series

Affiliation Nintendo
Voice Actor Brett Slater (Reboot)
Current Status Alive in both series

Original Series Edit

Sonic had a small role in the original series. He makes his first appearance in season 2. He followed Mario to Big Shell to tell him the truth about Big Shell's destruction and as well GameOver's creation and escape.

Sonic does not appear in Nintendo World: The Land of Turmoil.

In the original season 3, Sonic and the Nintendo Army is confronted by General ROM and his minions.

In the season 3 remake, Sonic confronted by Dr. Eggman. Sonic defeats him which forces Eggman to join forces with Jack Spicer.

Reboot SeriesEdit

Sonic's role in the reboot will be much bigger than in the original series. He appears in the second episode under command of General Pacman. He is shown to be part of Nintendo's armies and assists in the battle against the Sonys in the second episode.