The Apocalypse Curse is Tyler Redick's very first San Andreas machinima. It was originally released in 2007, but was removed due to the subtitles being difficult to read. Redick re-uploaded it in 2009 as part of his three year anniversary on YouTube. The re-uploaded version is the exact same, but rendered in a higher quality so the subtitles are legible.

Plot Edit

The story centers around Chris Hill as he tries to survive in world infected by the "Apocalypse Curse," a curse that causes people to grow weapons on their bodies and start furiously killing each other. The only way to end the curse is to kill the one who cast it. The curse cannot travel through water so anyone who was wet at the time of it's release was not affected, including Chris and his girlfriend Maria.

Chris fights through the city to meet up with Maria so that they may find Chris' brother, Albert. Chris believes that Albert is the one who released the curse because of his isolation from humanity. After a series of battles, Chris finds Albert and kills him. The curse does not end so he and Maria take shelter on top of a large building. While on the building, Maria admits to Chris that she was the one who released the curse because she was raped as a child, thus gaining a true hatred of humanity.

Chris, shocked by this, must face off against Maria as she tries to kill Chris. Chris ends up tackling Maria and they both fall off the building. Maria dies, but Chris is saved by using her body to break the fall. The world returns to normal and Chris ends up dating a new woman, one he hopes will not try to end the world.

Reception Edit

The film got negative reviews, but many enjoyed it for being so poorly shot and edited. Being Redick's first machinima with San Andreas, he laughs at the comments that receive the film in a positive light. "This film took me a whole 2 hours to make. That's it. It was my first time so there's no way it's going to be good."

Some of claimed that The Apocalypse Curse is comparable to Sharknado in the sense of "it's so bad, it's funny."