The Chronicles of Wesker: Moribund Replicate is an upcoming film and the conclusion of the Chronicles of Wesker series. It is being written and directed by Tyler Redick.

Plot Edit

Not much is known about the plot yet except that it will be the last story involving Parody Wesker. The title suggests that Parody Wesker may be dying in the film.

Production Edit

The film was confirmed back in 2014, but was shortly cancelled after actor Vince Szachury left Hip With Today. However, Redick confirmed during a live-event that the third movie was in fact returning with the title Moribund Replicate.

Delay Edit

In October of 2015, Redick was diagnosed with a medical condition that he wished to keep private from his fans. Due to this condition, he had to leave Hip With Today Productions. He promised he would one day return to finish the project.