The Rise of Demons
Created by TR Films
Number of Seasons -
Number of Episodes 2 parts
Run Time About 27 minutes
Has a Movie? It is one
Genre Drama
The Rise of Demons (also known as Rise of the Demons) is a machinima made by Tyler Redick in GTA: San Andreas.

Plot Edit

The story takes place in a dystopian future where the human race is on the edge of extinction. A demon race has wiped out most of humanity and is lead by their ruler Zardon. A man named Jack fights Zardon and is able to defeat him and obtain his sword. The sword, known as the Sword of Zardon, is able to easily kill demons where modern weapons such as guns have little to no effect on them.

Once Zardon is defeated, Jack returns to the human resistance to show them their hope. Among the resistance is Ben, Jack's long time friend, and Bob, the leader of the resistance. Bob reveals that they have been working on a time machine to send someone back in time in order to stop Zardon from summoning the demons. Jack, now wielding the Sword of Zardon, goes back in time.

When in the past, Jack tracks down the summoning of Zardon and finds out that it was Bob the entire time. He kills Bob, but too late and Zardon is freed. Jack battles Zardon with his own sword and is able to defeat the demon lord, thus preventing the apocalypse. Jack then remains trapped in the past, but doesn't care because he knows he saved the future.

Remake Edit

The film was remade and follows the same plot, but with a few differences.

  • There is a giant demon that is feared by everyone.
  • The humans build a giant robot in order to escape the demons.
  • The time machine is portable.
  • Bob is not the summoner of Zardon.
    • Bob was supposed to be and there are several hints throughout the film, but due to timing issues, the idea was dropped last minute.

Reception Edit

Both the original and remake were met with positive reviews. Many enjoyed the story and voice acting. It is also the most requested machinima to be made into a live-action film after the success of the live-action The Hunt For RevengeThe original Rise of Demons was deleted from YouTube due to Redick believing it was low quality and lowered his prestige as a director.

Trivia Edit

  • The Rise of Demons is based off a short story Redick wrote in middle school.
  • Redick rumored that a live-action film may see the light of day.