Vincent Szachury
The Vince
Szachury with his microphone set-up.
Position Voice Actor
Years Active 2008-2015
YouTube channel Darksage1331
Notable for The Chronicles of Wesker

Vincent "Vince" Szachury was one of the most prominent members of Hip With Today and even helped produce earlier productions, such as the Chronicles of Wesker . He left Hip With Today shortly after Nintendo World episode 6 was aired, but was brought back for episode 10 and Saga 2. 


Szachury was one of Tyler Redick's best friends. Having known each other since middle school, the two have been through a lot together. Szachury was usually Redick's first "go-to-guy" for every video he creates.

When not working with Redick on videos, Szachury runs his own channel where he creates walkthroughs and let's play videos. Though Szachury has not uploaded anything recently, he plans on continuing the channel once he gets more free time.

Fallout with Tyler Redick

In early 2014, tensions grew between Szachury and Redick involving a matter in their personal lives. He and Redick decided to create the Nintendo World reboot together with Szachury voicing a majority of the main characters.

Tensions continued to rise between the two for reasons they both wish to keep private. Szachury's work performance began to decline and he began sending his voice over lines weeks later than the deadline. Eventually, Szachury up and quit the show.

This caused the tension between he and Redick to reach it's peak and Redick fired him from Hip With Today. A friendship that lasted 14 years had ended. The two still occasionally talk and Szachury appeared in episode 10 of the Nintendo World reboot. He is expected to return full time.

Redick mentioned that the film Xenoheist was about "two best friends whose friendship ends after a foreign element is introduced and one of them picks the element over the friendship" and some fans speculate that this was about him and Szachury, though Redick has yet to comment.

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The Chronicles of Wesker

The Rise of Demons

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