XenoHeist is a GTA: San Andreas machinima made for the Bowling Green State University 48 Hour Film Festival. It was the first San Andreas machinima to be played at the festival and did well with the audience, but not the judges. It was directed by Tyler Redick and stars Chris von Fahnestock as David and Brett Slater as Adam.

Plot Edit

The film centers around two friends, David Emmerich and Adam Ocelots, as they break into Area 51 to steal an alien. David devises the plan while Adam follows. The film is told as a flash-forward/present narrative: David describes his plan as it happens real time.

After breaking into Area 51, Adam decides to take the alien for himself to sell it on eBay. Worried David will rat him out, he attempts to kill David. Adam is startled by a noise the alien makes allowing David to incapacitate him and escape the base before authorities show up. Adam is arrested and David returns to his life.

Reception Edit

The film met well with audiences at the 48 Hour Film Festival due to it's uniqueness, however it did not meet well with judges who said "machinima is not filmmaking."

On YouTube, fans gave the film mixed reviews and called it a simple short by Redick.

Trivia Edit

  • The characters names come from the Metal Gear Solid series. "David" is Snake's real name, "Emmerich" is Otacon's last name, "Adam" is Ocelot's code name, and "Ocelots" is Ocelot.
  • Despite the mixed reviews, Redick says XenoHeist is one of his favorites as the story means a lot to him: "The film is about two best friends whose friendship ends after a foreign element is introduced and one of them picks the element over the friendship. Something similar happened to me and this film was my way of expressing it."
  • The film that David is watching is Redick's 2013 film Mr. Pigagi. Redick added it as a cameo and to express his hatred of the film as he has the characters insult it.